Lift Installation Services in India

Total Elevator Solution Provides Installation, Upgrade, Repair & Maintenance to all types of Lifts, Escalators

Total Elevator Solution offer quality services in Lift installation, modernization and maintenance services. We has been redefining lift service in India since 2008, offering customized solutions at unbeatable price. As a well established innovative leader within the industry, our team takes every care to ensure it provides professional, friendly service every time.

We offer a comprehensive range of lift services which includes:
  • Lift installation of all types, including passenger, vehicle and service lifts for either MRL, overhead traction or hydraulic solutions. Also including escalators and moving walks.
  • Lift Maintenance for all types of lifts, escalators and moving walks.
  • Lift modernization/ upgrade to enhance and prolong the life of your existing system with the latest technology.

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Lift Installation Expert
We offer superior services for any type of lift, walks/pathway or escalator. Our company specialises in designing and building escalators to your unique requirements. Our expert team builds escalators based on the number of passengers/load, or to your unique specifications.

We assist in both the design and installation of your lift service, administering every step of the installation process. Our project managers will oversee lift installation and ensure your lift, escalator and moving walks/pathways function to the highest ability.

Few of our List Installation Service includes: